Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Illustrator: Ashlyg

These prints by Ashlyg are so fun. Can't you just imagine the superhero illustration in a little boy's room? And I adore the bearded men. CLICK HERE to view more or to purchase.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Studio: Nothing Something: NY

Somehow I feel unloyal showing work from other studios other than the one I work for. (Although to show our work would be self-serving . . . hmmm, dilemma.) It is however, important to keep a finger on the industry—to see what kind of work everyone else is producing. So, today's spotlight is NOTHING SOMETHING a visual studio in New York.
Turn on your speakers. It's a nice presentation.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Video: Make My Logo Bigger

CLICK HERE and you will find several of the pet peeves, and difficulties that designers have to deal with—although this video presents it in a humorous manner, sometimes we designers don't find the situation very funny at all.

AIGA Salt Lake City chapter

Coca Cola

Computers are the predominant tools for designers, but there is something about graphics done by hand that is charming and rather friendly. This Coca Cola add was found on the side of a building in a small town in Idaho.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday: t-shirt day

All things nesting are totally "in" right now. So if you are a fad follower, this shirt made by maryink is for you.

The shirt from luchaworkshop. would go great with a fitted jacket.
So, does this spur any ideas for your own t-shirt designs?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Book: Playing Cards

Playing Cards, published by Mark Batty Publishers, shows off a collection of cards originally found at an auction. Graphics ranging from dancing animals to politically incorrect joker cards, this book was an interesting find. The cards were printed in the 1930s to 40s. Although I enjoyed leafing through the book, the commentary was disappointing.

The rabbits are my favorite.

Buy Handmade

To take the pledge CLICK HERE

Photosynth: New Program for 2008

Please go to the website for the explanation of the new program, but I can tell you this; we were allowed a preview during a general session of the AIGA conference in Denver, and the entire assembly was murmuring with excitement. To our dismay, the new software is currently available only on windows—as is the preview you will find on the website. However, we were told there is hope for Mac users in the future.

You MUST check it out. CLICK HERE

After you've seen this, I'll bet you won't be able to stop thinking about how it can be used.

Featured Illustrator: Pascal Blanchet

The illustrator, Pascal Blanchet has such a strong style—and is wonderful to work with—I couldn't resist showing him off a bit. This is one of his pieces, created for an opening spread of LDS Living magazine. Consequently his talents helped to win a merit award from the AIGA in 2007. CLICK HERE to view his portfolio. Click image for a larger view.

Found on page 54, of LDS Living January/February 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Orisinal Games

Eye candy for your spare time, these little games have the cutest little characters—by Ferry Halim. Part of the disclaimer reads, "Orisinal is not responsible for any damages (including time loss) due to using the website." It made me chuckle. CLICK HERE

Modern Quilt

I don't know who to give this photo's credit to, nor do I know where the building is located—as I have had this image tucked away for a while—but I had to post it. The minute I saw it I thought "Quilt!" These colors and shapes would make a beautiful modern looking quilt wouldn't it?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Peter Callesen

Because Halloween is soon to come, these paper-cuts by Peter Callesen seemed appropriate to show. His work could so easily extend into the world of design . . . if only the perfect project would come along so we could use his talent. MORE HERE

My I Show You My Portfolio?

Michael Bierut, (from Pentagram) wrote a column for the blog, Design Observer. In it he shares his student portfolio. It is a rare opportunity to see student work coupled with the designer today.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Paul Rand Tribute Video

Hear what Paul Rand has to say about design. To view the video CLICK HERE

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This Etsy shop, Tinymeat, has products with great graphics: wallets, card cases, check cases, passport covers. . . . Tinymeat features several illustrators. What fun! Every creative person should have something like this. Designs for adults and children available. MORE HERE

Art by Philip Tseng and Priscilla Wilson

Art by Mike DiPtrillo

Art by Ashley G. Hales

Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes presented her work at the AIGA Conference in Denver last weekend. Her journey gives me hope. She "explored some of her pivotal points, springboards of intention and refelected on the perils of wanting and perhaps getting what you ask for." Marian is a designer, who until recently—according to her—produced work that was standard. She bravely took a year-and-a-half off to develop a new style. This is what she has come up with. (See below) her work is amazing. MORE HERE

part of a mini portfolio on Fox River paper

Saks Fifth Avenue "Want it" campaign

Saks Fifth Avenue "Want it" campaign

Found pg 129 '07 issue Wired