Thursday, November 1, 2007

Experience Design: Tronic Studio

Tronic Studio presented some interesting projects at the AIGA Design conference this year and talked about the future of design. Their theory is that no longer is it about the product, but rather about brand experience. A business must go beyond its brand mark. In a world of facebook, mobile networks, and blogging, people want to have a personal relationship with brand, a brand loyalty.

How will designers help this to happen? We must speak to the message, not to the product, allowing the masses to have an experience. We are now calling it experience design.

Here are a few examples, CLICK HERE and for several quicktime videos which don't present a product. (I suggest the target and GE videos.) The experience from watching is all you come away with. How do you feel when you watch them, what do you think of, are you inspired, amazed? etc. This is where design trends are headed. No longer is it good enough to stamp your logo on a t-shirt and call it good. Design has become, and is becoming much smarter.

Target: Marbles video

GE: Building Dreams video

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